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Fog Generators

The yardstick for professionals
230 V/3100 W. Continual fogging, flow control with exact dosage, fluid flow-up device (no puffing), very quiet, 2 nozzles, electronic temperature control, flight-cased for easy transportation with canister compartment (standard), quick canister change with quick-out tube connection, 0-10 V controllable, DMX or radio and cable remote control standard. Timer etc. optional.

Dimensions : W:46.5 x H:22.0 x D:42.5 (ready to use) or D:58.5 cm. (ready for transport, incl. case lid) ; Weight 18 kg.

Sky Walker
Professional Equipment for fixed installation

19" housing. 230 V/3100 W, extremely quiet but nevertheless high powered. Flow control with exact dosage, continuous fogging, fluid flow-up device, 2 nozzles, electronic temperature control. Control by either 0-10 V control (including flow control), or optional by radio, cable, timer or DMX remote control. Fluid supply: Through 'quick-out' tube connector direct to canister. Operational in all positions. Ducting adaption available.

Dimensions: W:48.2 (=19" on operational area), W:18.0 (on fog outlet) x H: 13.2 x D: 39.0cm. Weight: 9 kgs.

Fan Fogger
For demanding lihting designers

380 V/9000 W/16 A. High powered fog generator with integrated wind machine in high quality flight case on wheels. Combined release of fog and wind possible through one channel, wind machine can be pre-programmed with three step switch. Continuous fogging, flow control. Control 0-10 V and DMX standard. Radio, cable and timer remote control optional. Optimum distribution of fog for light or laser shows in larger halls or open air. Integrated canister holder for two 5 lt. canisters.

Also available as fan fogger 3 kW: Same features a fan fogger, but with 220 V/3000 W and corresponding performance.

Dimensions : W:54.0 x H:79.0 x D:60.0 cm.(operational) or 76 cm (transportable incl. case lid). Weight: 60 kgs.

Captain Kirk
The "classic" fog generator with power

230 V/1500 W. Very high fog emission, flow control.

Control: With each 0-10 V desk (incl. flow control) or release mechanism on machine, optional also with radio, cable, timer and DMX remote control. Electronic temperature control, triple overheat protection. "Permanent ready" function. Continuous fog possible with reduced output. Sides made of corrosion-free stainless steel. Robust carrying handle. Tank: Exchangeable 2.5 lt canister. Ducting and hanging yolk available.

Dimensions : W:19.0 x H:25.0 (with handle) x D: 40.0 cm. Weight : 8 kgs

Mobile, compact and universal

230 V/500 W. Low power input but considerable fog production. Standard: flight case, 0-10 V control (XLR), flow control on machine and foot switch(release mechanism). Electronic temperature control, duplicated overheat protection. Transportable. Optional: Radio control. Unbeatable value for money.

Dimensions : W:25.0 x H:18.5 x D: 23.0 cm. (operational) bzw. D:33.0 (ready for transport, incl. case lid). Weight : 5 kgs.

Compact fog generator independent of power supply

Extremely compact (10x10x15 cm + battery 6 cm), for chargeable battery operation (up to 3 hours) and/or power operation. One-hand operation, flow control, radio remote control (optional), electronic temperature control, "permanent ready" function. Quick-out tube connection on the fluid bottle. Delivery with insertable rechargeable battery, insertable mains charger and 10 ml. fluid bottle.

Dimensions : Scotty : 10.0 x10.0 x15.0 cm. Battery : 9.4 x 6.4 x15.0 cm. Charger : 10.0 x 6.4 x15.0 cm.

Weight Scotty : 1.6 kg, Battery : 2.2 kgs, Charger : 1.95 kg. Scotty ready to use weight : 3.6-4 kgs.

Factory fan
as quiet as the blues but powerful as a hurricane

As quiet as the blues but powerful as a hurricane. Radial ventilator, adjustable in 3 levels from modest to stormy. Robust, indestructible plastic casing. Carrying handle, stand adaptor with TV feeder(optional), minimal noise. Parallel release with all Smoke Factory fog generators is possible, except Scotty, by usihg a fan switch(optional).

Dimensions : W:48.0 x H:50.0 x D:55.0 cm. Weight : 19 kgs.

4 types of fog liquids differing characteristics

All four have: Guaranteed purity of content, substances adhering to DAB (German Medicine Book) and USP (U.S. Pharma). Clearance certificate and DIN safety data sheet, fully soluble in water, biologically dagradeable, inflammable. Permanent quality control. Available in 2.5 and 25 lt. canisters and a 200 liter barrel.

Fast Fog: Very fast dispersing fog liquid.

Super Fog: Long-lasting standard fog liquid.

Heavy Fog: Extremely long lasting fog fluid, especially high raw material content for large halls and open air.

Designer Fog: Special fluid for producing long lasting mist for professional light and laser designs, especially good reflection, long lasting, completely odour-free.


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