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Laser Shows

We're proud to be the producer of the unforgettable shows of Turkey by using the leading laser show technologies in creating 2D and 3D laser designs.
In a close cooperation with the leading laser show companies of the world, we acclaim to add new laser projects and performances which are based on laser art.
Both outdoor and indoor, on up to 300 m2 waterscreens or larger surfaces, multicolored, dynamic and artistic laser animations...

Produced by the state of the art technology, custom made laser effects and animations...

Ajans ADS is not only a show company but also an advertising and promotion organization. We can design your show to your institutional identity and public relations policies.

We evaluate all possibilities according to show technologies and art.

We use every show media including new and old, classical and hi-tech, for a unique design and performance.
You'll buy much more than a show...

Anadolu Bulvari, ATB Is Merkezi, C Blok No:82, Macunkoy 06370 Ankara - TURKEY
Phone : +90-312-397 4699; Fax : +90-312-397 3646

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