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Special Effects - Confetti Machine



This patent pending ShotMax(tm) launches all kinds of soft flying products including confetti in all positions and can now launch confetti in an upright, straight-up position, making confetti stay floating continuously above the unit 20' (6m) high. With its' specially designed smother inside hose and special wand attachments, it can vacuum and shoot out product simultaneously and continuously, to approximately 15-25 feet.

The launched confetti (or other soft items) product never touches blades or a motor propeller but comes flying out without damage to the tissue. Built with safety standards in mind, it includes a FREE YOKE Bracket and locking adjustment attachment! Compared to the competition, the noise is reduced 75%.

This revolutionary machine can launch artificial snow, tissue confetti, streamers, fog, wind and more. Mix tissue confetti colors for continuous aerial excitement! Shoot falling snow for that evenly distributed look. Add a Hurricane Fan II to spread a beautiful display over a very large area.

Other Effects: Shoot low-ground fog for a powerful simulated CO2 blast to 50' and even further when teamed with the Hurricane II fan. Add the Phantom Fog Blast System #100120 Fog Drying System to reduce residue for dryer, cooler fog without Ice. The possibilities are endless to match your creativity


  • #250147 C-Clamp w/safety cable
  • #250010 wireless remote control 120vac only
  • #250041 Universal DMX 120vac or #250042 230vac
  • #600406 Yoke Bracket for upright positioning
  • #350025 2" x 10' Full Extension nozzle
  • #350027 2" x 15' full extension suction hose
  • #600404 2" x 3' Extension tube tip fits to hose for pickup wand

Shown here with the ShotMax™, this handy DMX controlled unit will pan up to 220° back & forth while tilting up to 90° up & down with the sliding of two channels on your DMX control panel. Moving up to 70 lbs. (33 kg) is easy for this tiny unit. Use for action movements of any special effects machine or lights. This makes it possible to align the machine for one scene, change it for the next scene, or move it during the scene. Make your still lifeless units come alive with action or save man power in the catwalk. 110vac or 220vac available. Includes C-clamp, safety cable and ½” mounting bolt to attach to your yoke. Front tilt action uses a mini-wench. Must be no more than a 5 lb. front load for tilting. Accessories: Universal DMX relay to control on/off function of your machine, Safety cable to your machine.

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