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Indoor Pyrotechnics

Ajans ADS is the only show company of Turkey that can produce not only outdoor but also indoor fireworks shows. Wherever the spectators are is a showplace for us.
Using the safest pyrotechnic equipments and stage effects in synchronization with light, laser and music; indoor fireworks shows is brought to Turkey by us.

Indoor and outdoor organizations, concerts, contests, TV programs, videoclips and film industry, theater plays,...

Unique events, sychronized with music and sometimes dance - unforgettable events.
Ajans ADS show teams are always ready for small or spectacular shows for "who consider quality".

Anadolu Bulvari, ATB Is Merkezi, C Blok No:82, Macunkoy 06370 Ankara - TURKEY
Phone : +90-312-397 4699; Fax : +90-312-397 3646

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